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Boys Club Show: XPACE Toronto - Show and Artist Talk

Curator, director, exhibitor.

“The Boy's Club” artists are:
Jacqui Oakley, Lorraine Tuson, Rachel Salomon, Hadley Hooper, Gina Triplett, Korin Faught, Carey Sookocheff, Julia Breckenreid, Karen Silverman, Katy Dockrill, Anna Shipside, and Martha Rich.

With a group exhibit in mind, each artist was asked to explore the term 'boys' club'. For some the term is political, for others it has gone in other, more unexpected directions.

“Looking for an opportunity to exhibit our work outside the confines of the magazine page and to express our ideas beyond the latest advertising assignment, we 12 female Illustrators have come together to form the Boys' Club”